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Копия Used Stratasys Fortus 360 MC
OBJET EDEN 500V Maintenance completed in March 2017. Comes with Manual, Software CDs. Everything works well. I...
10.733837 млн. руб. Продажа
Stratasys uPrint SE Printer used w/Support material bath (GREAT CONDITION!!)
Reliable commercial grade 3D printer that provides your company or project with durable, functional prototypes...
477.059 тыс. руб. Продажа
Used Stratasys / Objet Eden 260V Polyjet 3D Printer Rapid Prototyping Great Condition
Vicarious Visions, a video game and toy creator, is looking to sell their 3D printer used in creating prototyp...
1.788973 млн. руб. Продажа
готов к отправке
I have a 100% operational Z-450 color sandstone printer. The Terminator print was completed on 8/26/2017. The ...
590.361 тыс. руб. Продажа
used  ProJet 1200 Printer – All in One Micro SLA
ProJet 1200 Printer – All in One Micro SLA ProJet® 1200 Micro-SLA Printer Low cost, micro-SLA desktop 3D prin...
161.008 тыс. руб. Продажа
 used Objet 30pro
This wonderfully used Objet 30pro has been under service during it’s time at our university lab. It has low ma...
894.486 тыс. руб. Продажа
used SLA 2500 CI complete unit
We are selling our SLS 2500 CI complete unit, including chiller, two computers and power. Build chamber is 12 ...
1.490811 млн. руб. Продажа
3d printer prusa iv3 makerfarm 12 x12 bed


Kamloops BC

17.89 тыс. руб. Продажа
Used Fortus 400mc For sale
We now have Used Fortus 400MC  for sale,only run150 hours for sample printing. This professional grade FDM 3D...
6.559567 млн. руб. Продажа


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