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Projet SLA SD6000 Demo - $149,995.00
Dealer demo unit used only occasionally to make samples. Maintained in excellent working condition by factory ...
$ 149.995 K Sale
ProJet 460 Plus - $USD 22,000.00
Display unit, hardly use, just like new machine ! ProJet 460 Plus - $USD 22,000.00 Phone:  60379729881 Deli...
$ 22 K Sale
Stratasys uPrint SE Printer used w/Support material bath (GREAT CONDITION!!)
Reliable commercial grade 3D printer that provides your company or project with durable, functional prototypes...
$ 8 K Sale
Used Z-450 100% working and ready to ship
I have a 100% operational Z-450 color sandstone printer. The Terminator print was completed on 8/26/2017. The ...
$ 9.9 K Sale
used  ProJet 1200 Printer – All in One Micro SLA
ProJet 1200 Printer – All in One Micro SLA ProJet® 1200 Micro-SLA Printer Low cost, micro-SLA desktop 3D prin...
$ 2.7 K Sale
 used Objet 30pro
This wonderfully used Objet 30pro has been under service during it’s time at our university lab. It has low ma...
$ 15 K Sale
 Used Projet 3510 HD Plus including material
Hardly Used Projet 3510 HD Plus including material 6 off Support Cartridges 3 Off Visijet Crystal Phone Numbe...
$ 50 K Sale
ProJet 3500 HD Max
the printer is in very good condition. The printer is in excellent condition and it was purchased in late De...
$ 21 K Sale
Used EnvisionTEC Ultra 3D printer
We are a design consultancy based in Hampshire, UK, and are selling our EnvisionTEC Ultra 3D Printer. The pri...
$ 5.87 K Sale


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