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HP Jet Fusion technology

Now locally accessible in the US and Europe. Used for strong and functional parts in PA 12 (Nylon), up to 30% cheaper and 2x faster turn-around than conventional powdered Nylons.


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Oltre 50 anni di esperienza e professionalità nella meccanica di precisione, ma sempre attenti alle innovazion...
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See how the HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution works – from start to finish
The HP Jet Fusion 3D printing solution: made up of a printer, build unit, and processing station with fast coo...
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HP Unpacking Process

See a clip of the unpacking process on the HP Multi Jetfusion 4200 during today's webinar.

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 Airwolf 3D Printer AW3D XL + 2 LB Filament Complete Package
Pompa-Electronic is a reputed Supplier Printing Machinery, Printing Machinery Parts, Printing Machinery Suppli...
$ 1.511 K Sale
Mbot Cube 3d Printer Dual Head
Pompa-Electronic is a reputed Supplier Printing Machinery, Printing Machinery Parts, Printing Machinery Suppli...
$ 818 Sale
3D Printer DIY Kit Cheap Price and Affordable
3D Printer DIY Kit Main Features: Supports SD card or off-line print, specially convenient when without comput...
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