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HP Jet Fusion technology

Now locally accessible in the US and Europe. Used for strong and functional parts in PA 12 (Nylon), up to 30% cheaper and 2x faster turn-around than conventional powdered Nylons.


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BCN3D SIGMA 3D Printer Update Dec 2015 to May 2016
This video is an update review, along with some of the modifications I made to the BCN3D Sigma over the last 6...
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Laywoo-D3 Flex 3D printer Filament review
Using and reviewing Laywood, a wood based 3D printing filament with a flexible base plastic. 3D printer used ...
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Carbon M1 Super Fast 3D Printer Demo!
Watch this complex object get 3D printed in less than 15 minutes. Sean and Norm visit Carbon, the makers of th...
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3D Printer Build! HIC Prusa I3 3DP-08 Part 1

First Unboxing and review of the HIC Prusa i3 3DP-08 Printer

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Projet 1200® 3D Printer
If you are interested in this item, click the following link: Each system contains ...
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How to Print Bigger Things - 3D Printing 101
There comes a time when you want to print larger objects on your 3D Printer than your print bed allows... Well...
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3D Printer Material You Can Sculpt!
We thought this was super cool: a 3D printer filament that you can sculpt afterward to add more detail or remo...
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