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Para el comprador

a) Is it free for buyers?

1.It is totally free for buyers to browse, register, contact sellers, or post wanted ads.

b).How to find items?

There are several ways to find the equipment you seek:

1. Browse through the main categories and subcategories from the mainpage.

2. Use the site search at the top right of your screen to browse through our current database.

3. Click on the "Search Ads" link on the top of the screen then search by Keywords or by Ad Number. For advance search, you can choose Category, Subcategory and Location to narrow down your search results.

4. If the items which you are looking for cannot be found on our website then you can post a request in the "Post Wanted Ads" section, at the left of your screen.

c)How do I reply to a classified ad?

To reply to a classified ad or ask a question to the poster click on the  icon  at the above of the product description. A window will open, write your message in the message box.

Moreover, you can view members  porfile and contact them by phone or visit their websites to get more information.

d)How do I reply to a Webmail message?

1. Login with your username and password.
2. Click on "WebMail" at the top of the screen to view your inbox e-mails.
3. Click on the "Reply to this Message" icon () at the left side of the e-mail that you want to reply to.
4. Write your message and click on the "Send" button.
or send your email us for support.

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